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Hours of step-by-step courses.

Whether you're just getting started with improvising on the guitar, or you're an experienced player looking to expand your abilities - we have something for you in our course library. With hours of step-by-step training from Neil, our courses will help you to truly elevate your guitar playing and songwriting to the next level.
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Mastering the Pentatonic Scale

Whether you're just starting out with the pentatonic scale or want a recap of the basics to make sure you haven't missed anything critical that could slow your development, this course is for you!
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The 6 Essential Chords

In this course Neil takes you through the six simple chords that you need to know in order to cover the entire guitar neck. There are three major chords and three minor chords.
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Chord and Scale Soul Mates

In this interactive course Neil will show you how to pair the pentatonic scale shapes with the 6 essential chords. Then you will test your knowledge through a series of challenges.
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Soloing With the Primary Chords

In this course Neil will show you how to improvise using the pentatonic scale over the primary chords from the diatonic key, the building blocks of music.
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The 3 Minor Chords

Every light side (major chords) has a dark side (minor chords). In this course Neil will show you ways to improvise with the pentatonic scale when you have minor chords in a progression.
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The Borrowed Major Chords

Some of the coolest sounding progressions use chords borrowed from other keys. In this course Neil will show you how to solo over them using the pentatonic scale.
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Reversed Polarity Chords

In this course Neil will show you how to get more feeling out of your chord progressions by turning chords that are typically major into minor and the other way around..
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The Minor Key

In this course Neil takes you through progressions created using "The Songwriter's Composite Minor Key" and how to improvise over them using the pentatonic scale.
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Chord Types and Beyond

In this course you will explore the different ways the pentatonic scale can be used to improvise over chords with added notes like 7ths and tensions.

Dojo Tips and Tricks Lessons

This course is a comprehensive guide to licks, motifs, and techniques with a focus of cementing them in your mind in a way that will make them instantly usable within any musical situation.

...with new courses being added all of the time!

Does the Pentatonic Way work for all styles of music?

Without being totally over the top. Hell yes!

When you join the Journey here at Pentatonic Way you’ll quickly begin to learn that the chords, lead lines and riffs from - Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, R&B, Soul and even Black Metal (yes - even Black Metal!) are all built from the exact same core elements.

When you learn these core elements and understand how to approach and apply them on the guitar you’ll be able to create great solos, riffs and fills, instantly - in any style you dare to tackle.

Who is Neil Santos?

A lifelong musician and artist, Neil graduated with a degree from Berklee College of Music '01, and is driven to simplify guitar instruction through the creation of books, multimedia, and videos.

In 2011 he founded GlobalGuitarNetwork.com which became a valuable resource for beginner to advanced guitarists from all over the world. He followed that up in 2014 by creating the LeadGuitarJunky.com which pimps out the best lead guitar lessons from internet for your learning pleasure.

Neil has taught thousands of students, both in person, and virtually around the globe, written multiple books on guitar (The Guitar Simplified, The Lefty Guitarist's Survival Handbook), and is constantly striving to take online guitar education to the next level.
"I want to say how great your explanations and quizzes are. Leaps and bounds, leaps and bounds, aha moment after aha moment, for me anyway. And I haven’t even gotten past Orange Belt yet….let alone started to go through the dojo section."

~ Paul Sherry
"Your website really showed me with the cheat sheets how to solo over chords. I’m doing great. I do enjoy the site. I know several of the pentatonic patterns, but really didn’t understand which shape to use until I got a hold of your website. Makes more sense now."

~ Bradley J. Boys

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